My usual rounds of shopping spree includes a trip to We ❤ Role-Play. Loving fantasy stuff, it’s not hard to find something I like when I check goodies from this event. I don’t typically look for skins or shapes tho since I’m very much into the two looks I often use but this one caught my eye. Tried the skin demo first and since I’m not using the shape that goes with it, I looked different of course. So, only way to really get the exact look is to purchase the shape too. I’m happy that she does look the same as how it is on the ad because I had a fail encounter way back when I bought skin + shape to get a specific look and it just didn’t look as good as what the image advertised (this was from a different creator). But this one’s worth the risk and I just have to tweak a lil bit on the body as the arms are too long and hands too big. Not too happy about the texture on the body tho but I really liked the face.

I might need to find a finer eyelash because using this one completely changed her from the sweet and sultry to just sultry look >.< Here’s how she looks without the thick eyelash, which is quite fine as well (facial features of this shape have been edited a little in this pic because I don’t want to end up looking like everyone else hehe).

Thank you, Brendon Papp of !imabee, for being nice while taking time answering my queries about your product 🙂

HAIR – Truth
SKIN & SHAPE – !Imabee
TOP – coldLogic
PANTS – Pixicat *

* from this month’s round of Collabor88