mushy monday

Since I can’t concentrate putting together some new looks until I get my RL work done, would rather send out this mushiness and spread the love to all those feeling grumpy on this… Continue reading

the silver lining

back to basics

I don’t blog for anyone (yet). It’s not something that I would do just for the freebies coz I do have a lot of time to burn in RL and while in SL… Continue reading

Collabor88 (January)

Tired shopper. Not only did I have to relog a few times to avoid crashing, it’s a bit of a pain while I “cam shop” as well. But it’s always good to choose… Continue reading

here comes the sun

Savoring a consolation prize, the chair, for joining a photo contest last year. Re-learning WordPress. I made a booboo earlier with this post and reposted (and linked to my other accounts) 😀  

I’m A Mad Pea

This was a planned entry for a machinima contest of the MadPea hunt last year. Sadly, the contest was cancelled due to the lack of participants (2!) and maybe if I finished this… Continue reading

let’s get started, shall we?

I would try posting something really simple, boring even… but instead of leaving a page with the title ‘test’ on it, I’d rather post my recent Flickr photo just cause it needs to… Continue reading