I melt with you

I feel so so hot today. Extra special hot for two reasons: 1) it’s summer where I am from and the heat’s simply merciless for weeks now, actually feels like my head’s about… Continue reading

pretty in purple

Have to dig deeper in my inventory to find buried treasures such as this outfit from coldLogic. They had this on sale during their anniversary last February this year and managed to use… Continue reading

favorite things: cute jammies

Been itching to post these cuties although I already posted one of them here. These two needed to be put out in the open as well. Yes, they need to be seen because… Continue reading

whore couture (march 2014)

As planned, I’m making at least an outfit (or two) for my blogs, which I put together from the shopping events that I go to. My bikini post Favorite things: Swimwear  is from Whore Couture… Continue reading

favorite things: swimwear

Loving this look a lot!  And even if it takes a bit of time putting together outfits where I wanted to use my mesh body parts, it’s always fun when you finally finish… Continue reading

the big fish

I’ve been doing a lot of inventory cleanup the past days, deleting old outfits even. These help lighten the load a bit and made me discover outfits that I’ve overlooked and haven’t used… Continue reading

Luck of the Irish (March 2014)

I put together stuff from the Luck of the Irish shopping event last month. I decided to try and post something like this each time there are shopping events that I go to… Continue reading


I have a few versions of Sailor Moon outfits plus 2 avatars (a teen and a kiddie size). After shopping at the Cutie Moon Fair, which is all about one of my favorite… Continue reading

not too bzzzy

Been wanting this Birdy Bumble Bee Puggly (the pug plush) since I played that machine from The Arcade but wasn’t lucky enough to get one. Though I did get all 3 rares, which… Continue reading

in my field of dreams

Experimenting on the vast free space in my SL home, I placed patches of wild flowers to cover the water a bit. Well, it covered most of the space so not really a… Continue reading

collabor88 (march)

I’m way behind, I know, and I’m chasing after you! Talking to my blog as it stares back at me with an evil grin -_- <— doesn’t look too evil but trust me,… Continue reading

girl from the future…

The name some of my SL friends would call me after realizing how ahead I am by hours to a day compared to their timezone. Yeah, sounds cool until they’d ask me what… Continue reading

Asians. Can’t stress this enough.

After contemplating on buying mesh hands for like a gazillion years (yes, I’m exaggerating – a bit), I finally got them and in bulk. Talk about having a handful >.< I do love… Continue reading

you + me = ♥

In all our mushiness, I got me and my love matching cupid outfits. I’ve waited a long time when I can use this pose, which I got from the Fantasy Gacha Fair the… Continue reading

the guardian

OK, since SL is so busy fixing things here and there for the past days, with all these scheduled and unscheduled maintenance going on — which would most likely mess up our in-world… Continue reading

oh, my Lorde!

I was supposed to post something last Monday but multi-tasking got the best of me. Plus, SL was a bit messed and crashed me a bunch of times. Far more times than 1… Continue reading

you can do magic!

Things you can do with Photoshop. Just a lil magic that I conjure when I have the means (means meaning I can access PS somewhere, because I don’t have it in my computer… Continue reading

rain check!

Dance with me under the rain? 🙂 AVATAR – Alchemy (Incredible Mr. Weasley – Marked Smokey) AVATAR OUTFIT – Alchemy (4th Doctor – RARE) UMBRELLA – Curio Obscura (Rainy Day Unbrella – RARE)… Continue reading

I’m yours

Officially his ❤ ❥ GET THE LOOK! HAIR – .ploom. EYES – IKON EARS – Mandala SKIN – Essences CLOTHES – Ducknipple BOOTS – Bax Regency NAILS – Mandala PROPS: BED – Consignment… Continue reading

the seasons story… story.

First time ever did I brave a shopping event in just my… *drum roll please*…underwear. And, yes, I am bald too. I was wearing the full body alpha to help lessen the mega… Continue reading