save water. drink blood.

About time I update this blog and everything else. And before I could delete this outfit, might as well save the stuff I put together for the look so I can go back to recreating it in case I wanted to use it again. I enjoy wandering SL in this since it brings back memories of the time I was doing the hunt (The Bone Collector Hunt) and won these cool accessories (hat and shoulder pet), which I’m wearing. The gown is very well-made and I like the details on it. Yes, it is mesh. And, uh-hu, I’m a vampire. Hybrid, actually, but the title is more on my vampy side 😉

Flickr shot


SKIN – Essences
HAIR – D!va
ACCESSORIES – (hat + shoulder pet) prizes won from the hunt “The Bone Collector”
GOWN – OAL (On A Lark)
SHOES – Aisling
HANDS & FEET – Slink