The Dreamer

Last year, my partner gave me these gorgeous wings for my birthday. I can make it any color I want to match any look I’d come up with so it’s pretty neat. He made me choose from various kinds, but what can I say, the man’s got fine taste and I ended up wanting the same as what he has.

For my birthday few days ago, he lovingly picked this, in his own words, ‘creative artsy’ gown/outfit. Probably because he saw me wearing this before, which is similar to how it’s made — hollow on the bottom and, to me, super creative. This (outfit below) is not mesh but it doesn’t make it less special. It’s actually very impressive, knowing that maybe even before mesh clothing, SL has artistic and unique designs like this. It is an entire outfit: from the hat to the neckpiece down to the arm accessories, and of course the gown itself. The clockwork thingy on the hat is actually moving. Plus the water, the birds, and the bunny in the ‘skirt’ are all animated. There are also particles emitted and sounds when you click on the cage-like bottom. Every inch awesomeness, right? ^ ^ I love odd, unique… I do have eccentric taste in a way and I refuse to be stereotyped. This outfit is perfect (yes, babe, I love it even if it’s not mesh :P).

“Dare to be different. Dare to dream”

Happy Hearts’ Day everyone!

Thank you, my love ♥