I wander…



Been a while but it’s not a case of not knowing what to do or got nothing to do, it’s actually the exact opposite. Been juggling a bunch of stuff, which isn’t really new to me, so I find myself doing a number of things all at the same time — I bet I’d still be good multitasking in the afterlife 😛 Aside from participating in a big event as a friendly + crazy helper few weeks ago (TAG! Gacha), working on my gacha list (finally!), getting a shop at Gachatopia (long wait is over!), I recently changed the look of my SL home and liked how it turned out. Told a friend that I broke the record, my own -_-, for maintaining my decorated home for the span of maybe 2 months? See, I usually change stuff around because I get a lot of ideas that I need to put out, otherwise I go restless. But this time around, of all the homes I decorated in my entire SL, this lasted that ‘long’ lol. One of the reasons why I love decorating is the fact that I love to shop for things to decorate my home with. So what more great way to put these things to use than… err… use them! I’m pretty happy about the outcome because I can simply change the weather from rainy to snowy in just one click. I made room where all the rain and snow could fall down on and it’s quite relaxing to watch and listen to (loves listening to the rhythm of the falling rain ^ ^). Also, I still find time to discover new places like the one in this picture. The owner is kind enough to open his beautiful sim, Salt Water, for other people to enjoy. I’m starting to really like hanging out here and didn’t waste time capturing spots you can have a nice stroll on, relax in, or do a little bit of daydreaming  too.

HAIR – D!va
SKIN – Essences
HANDS & FEET – Slink
GOWN – Dead Dollz

There’s a copybotting issue linked to this gown but only the real owner, Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz, and the alleged copybotter know of the entire story so let’s just leave it to them to have the legal matters fixed. As for me, I’m lucky to have found that post, made more aware of people who rip off other’s hard work, and ended up purchasing this gorgeous gown at a cheap, getting-back-at-the-culprit price. I hope everything goes well with this case and may some people learn to create their own content if they really consider themselves artists. It is, after all, way more fulfilling when people love and support our very own hard work.