fix you

SL has been having a lot of issues rendering stuff lately, which resulted to my countless re-logs and a few clean re-installs. At first I thought it’s just my computer acting up until the Firestorm group sent out a notice stating Linden Lab (LL) is the only one that can fix the issue (as it turns out, there are many more people experiencing the same problems, whichever viewer they are using).

When this happens, it’s not just frustrating to people in SL but extra frustrating for those creating stuff and taking pictures in-world. Because, as you can see in my photo below, even if I have been online for a few hours, first picture still shows some grey parts where fully-colored images should’ve been and there are bit of missing parts on my partner’s avatar’s demon legs and on his demon attachment’s wing. I only noticed all of these when I viewed the pic full size after saving it on my desktop. But with the help of an online photo editor (I don’t have Photoshop >.<), I managed to fix the chaos, which is the second and signed picture underneath. I needed to fix this one up as it’s the only shot I got of this hot moment with my boys. The raw image is saved in my SL web profile, explains why I didn’t see full details because it’s small when viewed from there. If I have known before that this is how it looks like, I could’ve taken another shot when everything’s fully rezzed. But there are ways to simply patch things up and this is how I do it 😀