what goes around…


as they say, there’s always a story behind every picture and this post is one of my ‘gratitude posts’ for two SL artists (Zaara Kohime and Olaenka Chesnokov). see, sometimes I underestimate, albeit unaware, the effects of what a simple kind deed we do for others. may it be our reply to their query on group chats when nobody else seems to bother responding, help someone complete some sort of collection (gacha addicts can heavily relate to this hehe) without asking to be paid in return, or compliment someone on a fantastic job they did for an event or whatnot.

it’s with instances like this that I get to ponder those good things I did that may have had a huge effect on people. you know, the lil things, which for us could be oh so simple but would mean the world to them. as the wheel turns and brings back the kindness we send out, I can’t help but feel bliss knowing that every single good thing we do never go unnoticed and it will always find its way back to us in ways and packages we wouldn’t expect. I highly appreciate anyone’s spare time especially when they are well-known and making waves in SL with their amazing creativity so this goes out to every artist/designer/creator I come across and communicated with quite successfully…

thank you ㋡

photo taken from Frisland sim.