I have a dream

It’s a rainy Friday morning… like the Fridays for the past weeks. Storms just love it in this country so it seems, so does the sun, and they get their fair share of appearances all throughout the year. We only have summer and rainy seasons after all! I think we are now on the 4th? 5th? storm in this month alone. Anyhoo, I asked some LMs from a friend yesterday and one of the places I get to visit is The Colder Water. There’s not much stuff to see here but the land and the music stream would give off a calming effect to anyone who wish to simply take a breather and relax. It’s my first time in this sim so I’m not sure how often people visit it. I only saw 3 people during an hour’s stay and one of them was the owner of the place. I made the first pic for my Flickr and when I found this lighthouse with a couple of stuff that has poses in them, I had to take another photo and here’s the result. I may have passed out from exhaustion on my way up here XD

dreamI barely recall my dreams and I’m not even sure if I do dream each time I sleep or probably forget them as soon as I wake up. But this dream I had last night was a pleasant one, one that I do hope I can remember for a long time. It’s one of those dreams that make you feel hopeful about some things in life, which you would eventually wish to have someday. But it’s going to be one of my secrets that I’d have to write down on a journal before I forget >.<