I check out goodies from Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) and it’s nice to get something this gorgeous for such an affordable price. Uh-hu L$50! OK… now look at the outfit because I don’t recall FLF selling breedable/pet horses. They are gorgeous too and you can actually ride them but we’re talking about Junbug’s “Mrs. Darcy” gown here hehe

I’m happy I was able to get this gown plus the floral pumps, which I’m wearing in this pic but obviously we can’t see because my feet are buried in hay. I tried a bunch of poses to show the shoes but I always end up getting disfigured from waist down due to the mesh but you can see the lovely floral pumps HERE. I am starting to really love Junbug stuff because each time you wear a piece, it’ll make you feel like a princess — or, in my case, a Queen 😉 I think my Junbug gowns are piling up and they need fresh air aka be unpacked and get used already so I have to try putting together new looks using these and post soon-ish!

On becoming Mrs. Darcy 🙂