collabor88 (july 2014)


This month’s theme for Collabor88 is in the wild heart of the Safari. I got excited because *points above* I knew I would see elephants!  Plus, I love earth tones as well, which mostly makes up my wardrobe in both lives. Funny thing is, this elephant costume? I wished to have one in RL for my birthday this year but it never happened. It was supposed to be a crazy but fun plan but since I needed to buy from another country, shipping will take days to weeks and it won’t arrive on time. Scratched it off my wishlist but it’s cool to get it here in SL, at least now I have an idea how silly I’d look if I wore it. So… I won’t mind pushing the plan for next year haha

This cute elephant pajamas is by INTRIGUE CO.  Available at Collabor88. Sizes included in package: female, male, child, Toddleedoo baby and kid.

Flickr mode: para…para…Paradise 😀