always a guest, never the bride

I’ve been to a bunch of weddings, summed up RL and SL, I lost count already. I started walking down the aisle since I was a little girl, dressed in pretty lil gowns and adorned with fresh lovely flowers — then the ‘curse’ grew as I got older *coughs* Attending sibs’ weddings, cousins’, friends’, etc. I was that cute chubby flower girl making people smile until years passed, upgraded to being someone’s special addition to a lineup of single people put to shame in wedding entourages. As if that’s not embarrassing enough, was forced to join those nasty singles’ games in front of the entire crowd to rub it in our faces that we’re kinda getting behind the love train. I can’t seem to graduate from such feat and SL is no way different. I’ve been invited to weddings in this part of my life too. But at least it’s less complicated without the games that I have to pretend to enjoy playing. Well, way way back, it’s kind of fun because you see the newlyweds enjoying the entertainment (aka us red on the face singles) plus you get to make the crowd cheer. But, yeah, it got old eventually as I start to realize — hey! they’re making fun of me being single! lol. Kiddin’ aside, for all it’s worth, I just enjoy whatever status I’m currently in. And right now I’m with someone who I have a great connection with, which I find super cool because he’s an awesome man. Plus, I try to live life one day at a time. Keeps me well-grounded ㋡


About this pic: I wore this outfit to my friends’ wedding last year (November 2013) and I just realized how weird it must be walking in these dangerous shoes 😛

SKIN – Belleza
HAIR – D!va
NAILS – Mandala
DRESS – coldLogic

Flickr shot 🙂

Photo taken from Black Basalt Beach.