collabor88 (june 2014)


Rainy season already started from where I am in RL but since this is SL, we can go on summers for the entire 365 days! But, noooo, I don’t want that XD Living in a tropical country with only the sun and rain fighting for the throne and showing off who’s greater? I can say I know extremes especially when it comes to heat *melts* So there is no way I will enjoy an entire year of sun. Then again, in SL we can wear bikinis even during winter or simply opt to be in our navy outfit always ready to set sail like this cute Sailor top and hot pants by The Secret Store from this month’s round of Collabor88. I accessorized with yellow-rimmed sunglasses from ieQED and beach bag from AITUI (The Arcade – June 2014). Plus, this attire reminds me of the film Pleasantville hee 🙂

Flickr mode: goodbye, summer!