twin truths


Got these two pretty maxi dresses from the Love and War Anniversary Fair (April 2014) but only had the chance to try them on last night as I go through my inventory deleting clutter. It’s the usual drill really, forgetting that I have some nice stuff still unpacked while these shopping events keep popping up that I lose track of the things I bought >.< Thought of making something different but so much alike and this is the result of that crazy idea. I mean, I have myself posed just the same but my outfit is completely different, even my hair, which made both looks stand out in their own pretty ways. Hence, the title, which speaks of none other than one of my favorite hair creators, Truth Hawks. No, he’s not my friend and I am not blogging for him (or anyone for that matter). I just (to quote a good friend) “blog about stuff that I really like”…😉

BODY – Slink mesh hands + feet (hidden under the dress :P)
HAIR – Truth
SKIN – Essences
CLOTHES + Accessories – Una

Flickr mode🙂

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