pretty in purple

Have to dig deeper in my inventory to find buried treasures such as this outfit from coldLogic. They had this on sale during their anniversary last February this year and managed to use it now. With all the shopping events that keep on popping up one after the other, it’s hard to keep up, going over and unpacking everything from my SL closet. I do find some things still unpacked, which I bought months ago -_- And though I did some tough ‘Spring’ cleaning, taking out most non-mesh, noob-ish clothing from eons back, the numbers won’t go down coz I keep adding new things. But it actually feels good taking out all the ones I haven’t used a long time. I would feel it’s a waste at some point when I’d wish I can transfer some of the nice things to anyone who might want them. THAT or rub a genie’s lamp and wish we can convert these junk to cash *ka-ching!* XD But of course this is far from happening.

I could’ve posted this hours ago but I’m having ‘title block’ o.O Still thinking of what to name this post… *’til an hour passed…*…


* My full body look on Flickr .I like the shoes a lot 🙂 Got them from this round of The Chapter Four.