I have a few versions of Sailor Moon outfits plus 2 avatars (a teen and a kiddie size). After shopping at the Cutie Moon Fair, which is all about one of my favorite anime characters, Sailor Moon and her girlies, I ended up with this. Another version that’s probably the closest to the real deal. I’ve managed to find the right shoes (I haven’t seen any Sailor Moon boots around so I opted for the high heels, which Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus wear). The hair I bought from a shop prior to the event, her sword I got from a gacha event (a RARE) and the arm warmers with mesh hands are from The Arcade. Ok, so you might be wondering which ones I got from the Cutie Moon Fair >.< Well… her uniform, the stockings/socks, and shoes. I chose the outfit that’s called “fitmesh” or fitted mesh (adjusts to your body size when you play with the sliders while on editing appearance) and it’s Azz compatible, which is nice because I bought my Cute Azz (by Luck Inc.) days back and I’m already loving it! Just need to get clothes that would make me wear them more.

This is just a close-up photo of my Sailor Moon but you can view the full avatar HERE.

Sailor Moon cropped