not too bzzzy

Been wanting this Birdy Bumble Bee Puggly (the pug plush) since I played that machine from The Arcade but wasn’t lucky enough to get one. Though I did get all 3 rares, which am not too crazy about, so I thought maybe they could’ve made the bumble bee pug a rare too coz seems like there are others out there having a tough time getting it hee. I wanted this because it’s super cute (of course!) and it matches my ‘honey bee’ jammies, which I got months back from another shopping event. I’ve always found this too cute to not wear every now and then while I wander SL. I have tiny elephant avatars plus another puggly that’s wearing an elephant costume XD Maybe I’d do a pic of myself with that too. Oh, well, if I’m not too bzZzy, why not eh?  Thanks to the cool lady who sold me this pug while she’s supposedly trading stuff!signedcropped

Another version of this photo HERE.