girl from the future…

The name some of my SL friends would call me after realizing how ahead I am by hours to a day compared to their timezone. Yeah, sounds cool until they’d ask me what will happen to them in the future o.O I do answer sometimes and with weird nonsense or tragic predictions just so they’d stop asking Ha! πŸ˜› It gets old fast and it’s exactly like when people would know about the degree I took in college and they’d go… “Ooooh, can you tell me what I’m thinking?!” — Uhmmm… NO. We study behavior, we’re not psychics, thank you XD So, anyway, brings back nice memories and this post is exactly about my title as being ‘The Girl from the Future‘. Here are two of the looks (I’m yet to shoot pics with the rest of the outfits soon-ish), which I got from the recent Futurewave event. I don’t look or dress like these avatars tho but it’s always fun to leave that to our vivid imagination πŸ˜€


HAIR – EMO-tions
SKIN – Essences
EYE ACCESSORY – HoloVisor by Paper Moon
SUIT – Graves
BOOTS – Graves

Check out Flickr styles: Back to the Future and The Hitchhiker
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HEAD GEAR – Neurolab Inc.
SKIN – Belleza
SUIT – Ponka Designs (w/ Lolas Tango applier)
BOOTS – Graves

Check out Flickr style: Gravity