Asians. Can’t stress this enough.

After contemplating on buying mesh hands for like a gazillion years (yes, I’m exaggerating – a bit), I finally got them and in bulk. Talk about having a handful >.< I do love taking pictures and using my resources so it’s just practical to invest on this ‘Multipack’ and I’m starting to really love them. So far I’ve used the Casual, Relaxed, and Victory hands. Skin matching is easy given that it has 2 HUDs that we can use to find the skintone that best matches our avatar’s skin or at least blend and merge with it smoothly. I’m getting the hang of this and quite frankly it’s taking some of my time now, attaching these to my other outfits. Guess am gonna be saying sayonara to my Mandala nails pretty soon, eh? Then again I realized there are some outfits that would still need them because the mesh hands, having the alpha and tattoo layer, don’t fit some of my looks especially when it involves arm warmers (with its own alphas) and getting fully inked on my arms. So, hmmm… might as well keep them but just not use as often tho.

Ok, so here’s one look with the Victory mesh hands on. Yes, the title of this post is actually referring to the picture LOL Victory/Peace Sign? I think Asians are more likely to be associated with this gesture all over the entire universe! Well, at least they mean nice and cute at times. And… I’m guilty of this sometimes too coz I am Asian myself teehee You know that instance when you are fully aware of what you’re about to do but struggled so hard to go against it but did it anyways coz it’s like an automatic thing, sort of a ‘tick’ that gets to you? That’s pretty much how I sum it up when I pose for a photo and didn’t realize I was holding my fingers that way ’til I see the actual picture o.O

Before you take me back to my padded cell, lemme just post this and some credits to stuff you might find nice to use for your av. Enjoy! ^_^Snapshot_001cropped

HAIR – Wasabi Pills
EARS – Illusions Drow Ears (Mesh)
SKIN – Essences
HANDS – Slink Mesh Hands – Victory
LINGERIE – Yura Flower White w/ Lolas Appliers