you + me = ♥

In all our mushiness, I got me and my love matching cupid outfits. I’ve waited a long time when I can use this pose, which I got from the Fantasy Gacha Fair the previous year, I think. This was the perfect time to execute this shoot with someone I hold dear to my ♥ Thank you, baby, for being so patient while we were airborne for minutes and groped each other’s buns just to stay afloat 😀LJ06

OUTFITS – Boudoir “Cupid” and “Miss Cupid”
POSE – PhotoTonic “Ethereal Dreams” Couples #1 RARE
*full version of pose HERE

By the way, there’s this shopping event I visited yesterday that you might like to check out 🙂 Still one of ’em Valentine’s events: LOVE IS IN THE AIR.