the guardian

OK, since SL is so busy fixing things here and there for the past days, with all these scheduled and unscheduled maintenance going on — which would most likely mess up our in-world transactions, which happened to me 4x while shopping at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (eating lindens and not giving any items, that sort of thing) -_- …..*breathes*…… and this maintenance prevents us from putting out no-copy objects as they might get lost during the process (happened to me months back. good thing the stuff I lost aren’t ‘too valuable’ and I can still sleep soundly after that lol) I always make it a point, ever since, to open the  Grid Status Reports page each time I log in SL so I would know what’s up and know if I can shop and rez without worrying whether I’d lose things while doing so. And since I can’t decorate my home because I do use a lot of no-copy items, being the ‘gachaholic’ that I am, I resort to putting together some new outfits or taking pictures of whoever or whatever (but most times it’s just random places and myself). Although, it actually is better having someone special because then I’d have a use for all my couples’ poses 😛 See, I keep on buying them but never really had the chance to use. Right now, I have a reason to and working on some themes to do with my beloved pretty soon so do watch out for those stills 🙂 In the meantime, here are some of the photos I took from the beautiful land of Black Basalt Beach:

Another version here.



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