back to basics

I don’t blog for anyone (yet). It’s not something that I would do just for the freebies coz I do have a lot of time to burn in RL and while in SL I’d like to make use of my extra hours doing creative and fun stuff. But like what I told one of the SL designers recently, I would love to blog for someone to have fun with the creations and help them put their works out there while doing so. One of the fun things is dressing up and sharing the look that I put together. That is almost always fun, considering your clothes load properly and your stuff rez well. This is one of my favorites and was taken months back. I really like how it turned out, I feel like one of ’em CSIs in this or simply a fashionably dressed lady out in the cold teehee Here is another version where I edited it more in PS (Photoshop).


SKIN – Belleza
SHAPE – Body Doubles (tweaked mine)
EARS – Mandala
HAIR – Truth
CLOTHES – ColdLogic
NAILS – Mandala *
SHOES – Gos *

* Wearing them but obviously not visible in the photo 😀