the big fish

I’ve been doing a lot of inventory cleanup the past days, deleting old outfits even. These help lighten the load a bit and made me discover outfits that I’ve overlooked and haven’t used much. Some of these I actually still consider wearing like this one below. I’ve put this together December last year and used an item from Collabor88 (the boots) plus the koi bag from Designer United 5. The rest I bought from the main stores. Oh, and the film Big Fish is one of my favorite movies. Tim Burton is a god! This koi bag reminds me of it, thus the title :D

PS. Out for sushi! ><((((º>

Luck of the Irish (March 2014)

I put together stuff from the Luck of the Irish shopping event last month. I decided to try and post something like this each time there are shopping events that I go to so I can really use the things I buy, which keep piling up :P I’ve been cleaning my inventory the past days and deleted a ton of stuff already plus I discovered many nice things I haven’t unpacked from months back >.<  The usual problem tho is that once I buy new things it’s like I didn’t delete anything at all because these will instantly fill up the space where unwanted stuff once occupied. But it sure feels nice to rid off excess baggage I haven’t used for a long long time or simply stuff that are no longer my style. Sometimes I donate the no copy items (mostly gacha ones) and spread the gacha disease with a smile teehee Not so bad luck after all, eh? :)


HAIR – Truth
SKIN – Essences
NOSE PIERCING – ellabella *
CHOKER – The Plastik *
PLAID TOP – Sakide *
HANDS TATTOO – Greymoon *
MINI SKIRT – Insanya *
SHOES – (SLink add-on) Reign RARE *

* from Luck of the Irish gacha event (March 2014)
Solo version of this photo HERE.


I have a few versions of Sailor Moon outfits plus 2 avatars (a teen and a kiddie size). After shopping at the Cutie Moon Fair, which is all about one of my favorite anime characters, Sailor Moon and her girlies, I ended up with this. Another version that’s probably the closest to the real deal. I’ve managed to find the right shoes (I haven’t seen any Sailor Moon boots around so I opted for the high heels, which Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus wear). The hair I bought from a shop prior to the event, her sword I got from a gacha event (a RARE) and the arm warmers with mesh hands are from The Arcade. Ok, so you might be wondering which ones I got from the Cutie Moon Fair >.< Well… her uniform, the stockings/socks, and shoes. I chose the outfit that’s called “fitmesh” or fitted mesh (adjusts to your body size when you play with the sliders while on editing appearance) and it’s Azz compatible, which is nice because I bought my Cute Azz (by Luck Inc.) days back and I’m already loving it! Just need to get clothes that would make me wear them more.

This is just a close-up photo of my Sailor Moon but you can view the full avatar HERE.

Sailor Moon cropped

not too bzzzy

Been wanting this Birdy Bumble Bee Puggly (the pug plush) since I played that machine from The Arcade but wasn’t lucky enough to get one. Though I did get all 3 rares, which am not too crazy about, so I thought maybe they could’ve made the bumble bee pug a rare too coz seems like there are others out there having a tough time getting it hee. I wanted this because it’s super cute (of course!) and it matches my ‘honey bee’ jammies, which I got months back from another shopping event. I’ve always found this too cute to not wear every now and then while I wander SL. I have tiny elephant avatars plus another puggly that’s wearing an elephant costume XD Maybe I’d do a pic of myself with that too. Oh, well, if I’m not too bzZzy, why not eh?  Thanks to the cool lady who sold me this pug while she’s supposedly trading stuff!signedcropped

Another version of this photo HERE.

in my field of dreams

Experimenting on the vast free space in my SL home, I placed patches of wild flowers to cover the water a bit. Well, it covered most of the space so not really a bit :P Anyway, when an idea strikes and it would give me this drive to take a photo, I do it. Otherwise, I go restless and I eat more than I should (and that’s a lot!). The moment I walked in the middle of this field of purple blooms, the title for the photo already lingered in my mind. FIELD OF DREAMS, I called it. It’s a pretty appropriate one given the fact that I have been recently doing things in both worlds (RL + SL), which I kinda put off since last year. Some of these I might call my ‘dream’ and it feels nice to finally be doing them now and some I’m already done with :) But it’s not just about these dreams tho, I am also pertaining to the dreams we have while we are asleep. See, most times I don’t remember them but when I do, they’re worth recalling so it kinda sucks when we forget eventually. Here I am, standing in the middle of nowhere, just keep dreaming…

The first version, which I’d call the ‘asleep state’ HERE.

collabor88 (march)

I’m way behind, I know, and I’m chasing after you! Talking to my blog as it stares back at me with an evil grin -_- <— doesn’t look too evil but trust me, it FEELS like it. Hee So, anyway, here’s one of the things I got from Collabor88 and I must say, I’m pretty happy that I bought the outfit even if it means purchasing the new Slink (high) mesh feet so I can use the boots properly. So far, I already have the complete set of Slink mesh hands plus the 3 styles of Slink mesh feet. This fact gets me excited in a way because it means I can experiment more with the poses that keep piling up in my inventory while attaching nice pair of hands and feet to my avatar and make her look nicer. It’s fun and time-consuming but, yeah, having fun is the way to go about it :D


HAIR – Clawtooth *
SKIN – Essences
OUTFIT – R2 Fashion *
HANDS – Slink (mesh)
FEET – Slink (mesh)
BANGLES – Maxi Gossamer

* from Collabor88 (March 2014)

Another version of this photo with visible inked sexy back c/o my SL brother HERE ^_^

girl from the future…

The name some of my SL friends would call me after realizing how ahead I am by hours to a day compared to their timezone. Yeah, sounds cool until they’d ask me what will happen to them in the future o.O I do answer sometimes and with weird nonsense or tragic predictions just so they’d stop asking Ha! :P It gets old fast and it’s exactly like when people would know about the degree I took in college and they’d go… “Ooooh, can you tell me what I’m thinking?!” — Uhmmm… NO. We study behavior, we’re not psychics, thank you XD So, anyway, brings back nice memories and this post is exactly about my title as being ‘The Girl from the Future‘. Here are two of the looks (I’m yet to shoot pics with the rest of the outfits soon-ish), which I got from the recent Futurewave event. I don’t look or dress like these avatars tho but it’s always fun to leave that to our vivid imagination :D


HAIR – EMO-tions
SKIN – Essences
EYE ACCESSORY – HoloVisor by Paper Moon
SUIT – Graves
BOOTS – Graves

Check out Flickr styles: Back to the Future and The Hitchhiker
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HEAD GEAR – Neurolab Inc.
SKIN – Belleza
SUIT – Ponka Designs (w/ Lolas Tango applier)
BOOTS – Graves

Check out Flickr style: Gravity