en Grande!

Even if she rarely changes hairstyles, Ariana Grande is often smashin’ sexy sporting her ‘trademark’ do. And just as what her name implies, this crowning glory of hers is usually set in a way that would look intense and big around her pretty lil face. I was ecstatic when I received the notice from Truth Hawks about this new hair that he made and I just got to have it. I think partly the reason why I’m so into Ariana’s hair is because I miss my long locks (IRL) >.< I just need a few months more to get my old look back from the super short hair I got early this year.



This hairstyle, which was aptly called GRANDE, is way more visible in THIS PHOTO :)


hoppy together

wabbitsI didn’t spell that wrong :) They happen to be sweet bunnies happily giving each other lil kisses and bunnies hop, so…

Anyway, I don’t wear much pastel hairs but the ones I got from this year’s Hair Fair (July 2014), this cute style from Anya Ohmai, is pretty in those colors so I took a risk and was satisfied. But I do have to match it with an equally whimsy kind of an outfit called ‘Dorothy Blushing’, which I got from Junbug. Oh, and I am wearing Junbug shoes too – Mademoiselle Pumps – from one gacha shopping event I went to.

HAIR – Anya Ohmai
SKIN – Essences
DRESS – Junbug
SHOES – Junbug
HANDS – Slink
FEET – Slink

Click on image to enlarge.
Flickr version of this outfit HERE.

daffodil lament

I’m sure that only a fan of The Cranberries, like myself, can relate to the title of this post :) I was trying to come up with one that has got something to do with bunnies but the neurons in my brain were having a blast wigglin’ bums on a Saturday night -_- It’s been a while since my last post so I went through the hell hole we call inventory to check on a bunch of stuff I needed to put out. Here’s one of them and it’s a group gift from Boudoir called Daffodil Bunny. I’m not into yellow clothing (yeah, even in RL) but this outfit just bursts with sunshine and all I can think about when looking at it are nice fresh lemons huddled in a basket.

I pretty much started singing the song (Daffodil Lament) when I saw the word daffodil and figured, heck! will settle for this one. The Cranberries is one of my all-time favorite bands and I can sing along through most of their songs without the cheat sheet — then my mood magically shifts from crappy to high. Nostalgic.

“…thunder and lightning won’t change what I’m feeling
and the daffodils look lovely today…”

HAIR – Truth
SKIN – Essences
HANDS – Slink

Flickr version.





I check out goodies from Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) and it’s nice to get something this gorgeous for such an affordable price. Uh-hu L$50! OK… now look at the outfit because I don’t recall FLF selling breedable/pet horses. They are gorgeous too and you can actually ride them but we’re talking about Junbug’s “Mrs. Darcy” gown here hehe

I’m happy I was able to get this gown plus the floral pumps, which I’m wearing in this pic but obviously we can’t see because my feet are buried in hay. I tried a bunch of poses to show the shoes but I always end up getting disfigured from waist down due to the mesh but you can see the lovely floral pumps HERE. I am starting to really love Junbug stuff because each time you wear a piece, it’ll make you feel like a princess — or, in my case, a Queen ;) I think my Junbug gowns are piling up and they need fresh air aka be unpacked and get used already so I have to try putting together new looks using these and post soon-ish!

On becoming Mrs. Darcy :)

collabor88 (july 2014)


This month’s theme for Collabor88 is in the wild heart of the Safari. I got excited because *points above* I knew I would see elephants!  Plus, I love earth tones as well, which mostly makes up my wardrobe in both lives. Funny thing is, this elephant costume? I wished to have one in RL for my birthday this year but it never happened. It was supposed to be a crazy but fun plan but since I needed to buy from another country, shipping will take days to weeks and it won’t arrive on time. Scratched it off my wishlist but it’s cool to get it here in SL, at least now I have an idea how silly I’d look if I wore it. So… I won’t mind pushing the plan for next year haha

This cute elephant pajamas is by INTRIGUE CO.  Available at Collabor88. Sizes included in package: female, male, child, Toddleedoo baby and kid.

Flickr mode: para…para…Paradise :D

always a guest, never the bride

I’ve been to a bunch of weddings, summed up RL and SL, I lost count already. I started walking down the aisle since I was a little girl, dressed in pretty lil gowns and adorned with fresh lovely flowers — then the ‘curse’ grew as I got older *coughs* Attending sibs’ weddings, cousins’, friends’, etc. I was that cute chubby flower girl making people smile until years passed, upgraded to being someone’s special addition to a lineup of single people put to shame in wedding entourages. As if that’s not embarrassing enough, was forced to join those nasty singles’ games in front of the entire crowd to rub it in our faces that we’re kinda getting behind the love train. I can’t seem to graduate from such feat and SL is no way different. I’ve been invited to weddings in this part of my life too. But at least it’s less complicated without the games that I have to pretend to enjoy playing. Well, way way back, it’s kind of fun because you see the newlyweds enjoying the entertainment (aka us red on the face singles) plus you get to make the crowd cheer. But, yeah, it got old eventually as I start to realize — hey! they’re making fun of me being single! lol. Kiddin’ aside, for all it’s worth, I just enjoy whatever status I’m currently in. And right now I’m with someone who I have a great connection with, which I find super cool because he’s an awesome man. Plus, I try to live life one day at a time. Keeps me well-grounded ㋡


About this pic: I wore this outfit to my friends’ wedding last year (November 2013) and I just realized how weird it must be walking in these dangerous shoes :P

SKIN – Belleza
HAIR – D!va
NAILS – Mandala
DRESS – coldLogic

Flickr shot :)

Photo taken from Black Basalt Beach.

literally chilled

After a brief photo shoot, we chill here at Baja Norte. I love how they set up a friend’s recent creation, Ice Dreams, which he showcased during the June 2014 round of The Arcade. Since I haven’t made a Flickr pic of these awesome goodies where I can actually rez them all, I’ll just enjoy this scene for the meantime, relaxin’ with iced sweets that we never seem to run out of ^_^