I wander…



Been a while but it’s not a case of not knowing what to do or got nothing to do, it’s actually the exact opposite. Been juggling a bunch of stuff, which isn’t really new to me, so I find myself doing a number of things all at the same time — I bet I’d still be good multitasking in the afterlife :P Aside from participating in a big event as a friendly + crazy helper few weeks ago (TAG! Gacha), working on my gacha list (finally!), getting a shop at Gachatopia (long wait is over!), I recently changed the look of my SL home and liked how it turned out. Told a friend that I broke the record, my own -_-, for maintaining my decorated home for the span of maybe 2 months? See, I usually change stuff around because I get a lot of ideas that I need to put out, otherwise I go restless. But this time around, of all the homes I decorated in my entire SL, this lasted that ‘long’ lol. One of the reasons why I love decorating is the fact that I love to shop for things to decorate my home with. So what more great way to put these things to use than… err… use them! I’m pretty happy about the outcome because I can simply change the weather from rainy to snowy in just one click. I made room where all the rain and snow could fall down on and it’s quite relaxing to watch and listen to (loves listening to the rhythm of the falling rain ^ ^). Also, I still find time to discover new places like the one in this picture. The owner is kind enough to open his beautiful sim, Salt Water, for other people to enjoy. I’m starting to really like hanging out here and didn’t waste time capturing spots you can have a nice stroll on, relax in, or do a little bit of daydreaming  too.

HAIR – D!va
SKIN – Essences
HANDS & FEET – Slink
GOWN – Dead Dollz

There’s a copybotting issue linked to this gown but only the real owner, Kiddo Oh of Dead Dollz, and the alleged copybotter know of the entire story so let’s just leave it to them to have the legal matters fixed. As for me, I’m lucky to have found that post, made more aware of people who rip off other’s hard work, and ended up purchasing this gorgeous gown at a cheap, getting-back-at-the-culprit price. I hope everything goes well with this case and may some people learn to create their own content if they really consider themselves artists. It is, after all, way more fulfilling when people love and support our very own hard work.

Truth be told

Truth Hawks keeps creating all these gorgeous hairs. I love braids and ones that are kinda big, which looks like someone just blow dried it and creates a volume that will put Spray Net to shame. The one I have on this photo is called NERIA and it’s available at the Mystic Realms Faire. Event is about to end in a few hours I think so try to grab this fast. This might probably be moved to the main store but I think event prices are usually lower compared to when they put the goodies back in their store’s shelf.

This is a first for me to post the Belleza Mesh Body in all her sexy glory and hoping to make more shots soon. I love how it fits my taste and style perfectly. There are a number of mesh bodies out there and I have seen comparisons from a chart but ended up falling for this one. I’m waiting for Essences to come up with the skin applier tho so I can use my Slink feet and hands, plus a ton of shoes that I can only wear with my Slink feet >.< and not struggle with skin matching anymore. I’m using my favorite Essences skin in this pic and one can see the difference on the tones from the neck part when I detach the hair.

Click photo to enlarge.


more than meets the eye: 8f8 Mystery Hats

Everyone who knows about TAG! Gacha and have seen the gacha keys know how these 8f8 Mystery Hats look like. All 12 hats on this gacha key look really well-made, yeah, but if you paid attention to what the texts say on the image, you’ll realize there’s more to what you’re just seeing from the outside of these beauties. Yes, the need to ‘unlock the mystery in each hat’. You see, they aren’t called Mystery Hats for nothing and this post is about to unravel what you might be missing TONS ;)

I found out there are people who don’t know about the amazing stuff they will find inside the hats and I won’t let them miss the chance to enjoy this awesomeness by 8f8. Below are all 13 (with the Mystery Rare) hats, which I had so much fun modeling because I like each and every single hat in this collection. Unique and clever. Plus, I did miss having pet mice in RL because of the Thinker hat :P

Click photos to enlarge.

The red light blinks :)
pose: NTAP! ‘Glamorous Model pose 10′

01 Trigger Happy

That’s a cute lil mouse with its cheese :D
pose: Poise ‘Pirate 2′

02 Thinker

Those are snowflakes falling!
pose: Exposeur ‘Little Hearts 1′

03 Serene

When you click this picture, you’d clearly see the noose and a fallen chair *shivers*
pose: Primavera ‘sit pose 1′

04 Noir

All these plans in your head >.<
pose: Lalochezia Criminal ‘Criminal 4′

05 Planner

Birdie set free, leaving the past (broken feathers) behind. Or probably just me being poetic :P
pose: Vibe ‘It’s just a wall 8′

06 Free

I fear when these balloons would pop too the least I expect it. Makes me jumpy -_-
pose: Inertia ‘Backview’

07 Fearful

An empty box on my head is where bad memories go. I burn them afterwards XD
pose: Imeka ‘Lu Pose 8′

08 Empty

Confused about so many things, you human beings are.
pose: PoseMe ‘Veronica 7′

09 Clueless

Light bulb flickers :D
pose: oOo Studio ‘Martinique One’

10 Bright

Hear! Hear!
pose: Exposeur ‘Little Hearts 3′

11 Announcer

12 REFINED (Rare)
Some serious pipes work here. Details are everything.
pose: KaTink ‘Editorial 5′

12 Refined (Rare)

13 MACABRE (Mystery Rare)
An awesome creepy cool cemetery on top of your head. There’s another ‘surprise’ from this hat once it’s switched on but you’d have to figure that out for yourself if you get lucky getting the coupon ;)
pose: Elephante ‘Part of me 4′

13 Macabre (Mystery Rare)

TAG! Gacha starting point. Goodluck and have fun! ;)

it’s coming…

TAG! Gacha is only a few hours away from opening and everything will be set to welcome all who will jump in the wagon to experience a whole new way of gacha-ing! 50 participating stores all over the grid await your presence to share their awesome exclusive masterpieces when you get lucky slapping ‘em machines. Everybody’s excited, I know! And no need to worry when you get to the starting point as there will be people to help you with your questions about the event, including myself :)

Below, I’m posing in 3 different designers’ awesome items that you can win from the gacha machines. No, that ain’t a glitch on the hat, it’s actually a cute lil mouse beside its mouse/hamster wheel :D Each Mistery Hat by 8f8 has a cool surprise inside when you click on them so you better get all to find out which holds what. Click photo to enlarge and view details.

(Click creator’s name to view their gacha key) Avatar “The Pumpkin Heads” – by Casa Del Shai , Mistery Hat – by 8f8 , and Halloween Bucket – by Snips and Snails. View full list of gacha keys HERE.

Equip yourselves! Learn HOW TO PLAY. Goodluck and have fun!


fix you

SL has been having a lot of issues rendering stuff lately, which resulted to my countless re-logs and a few clean re-installs. At first I thought it’s just my computer acting up until the Firestorm group sent out a notice stating Linden Lab (LL) is the only one that can fix the issue (as it turns out, there are many more people experiencing the same problems, whichever viewer they are using).

When this happens, it’s not just frustrating to people in SL but extra frustrating for those creating stuff and taking pictures in-world. Because, as you can see in my photo below, even if I have been online for a few hours, first picture still shows some grey parts where fully-colored images should’ve been and there are bit of missing parts on my partner’s avatar’s demon legs and on his demon attachment’s wing. I only noticed all of these when I viewed the pic full size after saving it on my desktop. But with the help of an online photo editor (I don’t have Photoshop >.<), I managed to fix the chaos, which is the second and signed picture underneath. I needed to fix this one up as it’s the only shot I got of this hot moment with my boys. The raw image is saved in my SL web profile, explains why I didn’t see full details because it’s small when viewed from there. If I have known before that this is how it looks like, I could’ve taken another shot when everything’s fully rezzed. But there are ways to simply patch things up and this is how I do it :D


what goes around…


as they say, there’s always a story behind every picture and this post is one of my ‘gratitude posts’ for two SL artists (Zaara Kohime and Olaenka Chesnokov). see, sometimes I underestimate, albeit unaware, the effects of what a simple kind deed we do for others. may it be our reply to their query on group chats when nobody else seems to bother responding, help someone complete some sort of collection (gacha addicts can heavily relate to this hehe) without asking to be paid in return, or compliment someone on a fantastic job they did for an event or whatnot.

it’s with instances like this that I get to ponder those good things I did that may have had a huge effect on people. you know, the lil things, which for us could be oh so simple but would mean the world to them. as the wheel turns and brings back the kindness we send out, I can’t help but feel bliss knowing that every single good thing we do never go unnoticed and it will always find its way back to us in ways and packages we wouldn’t expect. I highly appreciate anyone’s spare time especially when they are well-known and making waves in SL with their amazing creativity so this goes out to every artist/designer/creator I come across and communicated with quite successfully…

thank you ㋡

photo taken from Frisland sim.

I have a dream

It’s a rainy Friday morning… like the Fridays for the past weeks. Storms just love it in this country so it seems, so does the sun, and they get their fair share of appearances all throughout the year. We only have summer and rainy seasons after all! I think we are now on the 4th? 5th? storm in this month alone. Anyhoo, I asked some LMs from a friend yesterday and one of the places I get to visit is The Colder Water. There’s not much stuff to see here but the land and the music stream would give off a calming effect to anyone who wish to simply take a breather and relax. It’s my first time in this sim so I’m not sure how often people visit it. I only saw 3 people during an hour’s stay and one of them was the owner of the place. I made the first pic for my Flickr and when I found this lighthouse with a couple of stuff that has poses in them, I had to take another photo and here’s the result. I may have passed out from exhaustion on my way up here XD

dreamI barely recall my dreams and I’m not even sure if I do dream each time I sleep or probably forget them as soon as I wake up. But this dream I had last night was a pleasant one, one that I do hope I can remember for a long time. It’s one of those dreams that make you feel hopeful about some things in life, which you would eventually wish to have someday. But it’s going to be one of my secrets that I’d have to write down on a journal before I forget >.<